We are a supplier of Steel Tubes & Pipes to several other Industrial uses. For example,
  • Precision Steel Tubes made from COLD ROLLED steel for Automotive, Bicycle, Furniture, and general Industrial Applications, Tubes for Heat Exchangers and Air Heaters and Boilers, Cold Rolled Steel Tubes in Square or Rectangular sections for Machine Building applications, Cold Drawn (CDW) Tubes for Cylinder Liners for Automobile Engines,
  • MS pipes and tubes for General applications like air and water services, structural Hollow sections and Tubes for Rollers, tubes for Electrical Poles etc.
  • Carbon Steel tubes for Machine Structural Purposes, Bright finished Fuel Injection Tubes.
  • Pre-Galvanised ERW steel tubes.

We have arrangements with several Reputed Tube Makers of supply of specializes items form this range of applications to meet your special or Non-standard needs.

Tubes can also be supplied in cut-lengths for mass production requirements of the customers.


Protection and Finish:

Steel pipes can be supplied plain – i.e. without any treatment, or Zinc Plated or Powder coated for sake of protection as well as individual identification to segregate different deniers / grades of tape during storage. However, by-far the most common reason for coating the cheese pipes is to provide a uniform reflection co-efficient for colour detectors at the loom. Black is generally the preferred colour for this purpose. Other colours can also be imparted on demand. Aluminium Pipes are supplied plain or Anodized as per customer needs. Aluminium Tubes can also be supplied with Flutes to accommodate reflective tapes – see illustration.

Punching of Holes / Notching:

Some winders /looms need pipes to have notches for fixing the tubes while others require holes for light sensitive reflectors to be placed inside the tubes. Such features can be provided wherever ordered.


Standard packing consists of durable HDPE sacks of 100 or 150 nos each. However, other types of packing in Paper Carton are also available if required for export or transit over long distances.

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